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- 3+ Years
- feb'18 - present


Consistent & High Performing leader with 5+ years of experience in driving complex and transformative strategic business change programs in Asia Pacific regions in Fintech & Digital Lending domains.

  • Led and hired a team of 5 members along with its collaboration with 10+ Business Team members to interact with clients’ stakeholders and architected solutions for them that fixes high revenue leakages & reduce back-channel officers.

  • Took initiatives to architect solutions for quick customer onboardings with 90%+ straight through processing without involving “Underwriting Team” to sanction money and assess the risk associated with the customer.

  • Helped clients understand the technology, answered RFPs / RFIs, conducted audits internally (as per clients’ requirements) to ensure compliance reliability with them and our organization.

  • Took business critical decisions around SLA management, contract negotiations (tech specifics) & clients billing system with the clients & internal team while remaining calm and composed with client before signing the deal.

  • Handled POCs, Product Integrations and led the SA & Support team handling over 75+ clients across APAC region.

  • Single handedly managed an internal product from its development to testing and client delivery that manages 40M+ identities for identity verification, repeat customer and fraud customer identification using Facial Data Information.

  • Trained new team members and transferred responsibilities being interim project and engineering manager & helping the team with software architectures designs challenges and executions.

  • Worked on CUDA for building a high scale custom database layer to support extremely low latency, high throughput DB retrieval from a database of trillions of identities using various similarity equations.

  • Worked on regular conducts of system audits and enhancements to comply with Information Security, GDPR and other compliance agreements with clients & 3rd party vendors.


- 21/3 Years
- nov' 15 - feb' 18


I have worked with snapwiz and worked on end to end product development which included android application, image processing and backend APIs development. It has been a great experience for me. I learnt many things right after graduating from college. Soon after joining snapwiz as an initial "Android Focused Developer" (which I learnt as an hobby in my college days), I jumped into many more roles and started taking responsibilities across computer vision (also learnt in college), backend development etc. The research wing has given me a good exposure to modern practices across various domains.

Across multiple domains, below are few of my key contributions to snapwiz:

** AI, Data Science, Crawls:
  • Built a recommendation algorithm based on location filter
    The app, "glider.ai" has a recommendation engine which recommends candidates to jobs and vice versa based on many factors. One of the key factors was location. The design of this recommendation algorithm was to filter intersections based on location and recommend candidates and jobs to each other.

  • Generic crawler to aggregate candidates' public profile information
    While working for the recommendation algorithms, we had to test our engine with many jobs and candidates. Genereting synthetic data was a solution but we wanted to test with the real data. So, we created a generic crawler that can extract jobs and candidates information from multiple platforms.

  • Image Processing using OpenCV
    One of the interesting tasks, we were caught up was about finding open and closed patches from certain types of images. So, working back on C++ after about 4+ years was a fun and refreshing. Apart from this, I also created a native application for android.

** Architect Design:
  • Solution for dynamic UI rendering which is solely controlled by web service call
    While I was working for an android application, there was an idea that the android application home activity will have dynamic UIs which can be changed on the fly as well. So, architecting this design where tthis can be controlled from the server was relatively a small design but I enjoyed it.

  • Solution for Graph Data Structure and Finite Automata based pagination design
    That's a fancy name. I know. But, the usual pagination based on comparing the inputs from the users and navigating was actually very costly. I was able to decreas the conditional load time for upcoming screens by over 41%. And it worked like a charm.
** Docker & Bash:
When we learnt about Docker and it power, we became excited. So, the research wing wanted me to explore that and migrate the existing projects to it. More than that, there were many small modules that were made in the main app, where some sort of virtualisation was needed while assessing the candidates in the glider platform. Few pointers from Docker:
  • Docker image management simplification with proper hierarchy levels
  • Docker migration for multiple project modules along with their performance profiling and performance testing
  • Multiple shell scripting to automate several repetitive tasks in cloud servers and docker containers
** Brain Storming:
  • Authored many brain storming and complex puzzles & projects in Python and Java8
    Not only that, writing unit tests for these puzzles for the first time was fun. This exercise brought out the old memories from my college.
** Applications Development:
  • Holistic android project development
    I worked on several android applications namely: Glider Jobs (Currently De-Published), Glider Assessment Screen and Edulastic SnapScore.

  • We Service APIs for devices
    The interaction of android application and server was done through socket connections using DDP protocol. I created many server side functions for this.
** Video Processing:
  • Very basic video processing to decrease video file size
    Using multiple compression techniques, changing codecs and frame properties, I was able to decrease certain video sizes so that smaller video can be uploaded from the android / iOS devices in slower 2G / 3G connections.
** Open Source Contributions
  • Worked with an IntelliJ plugin which runs android application in a very light environment
    Emulator roughly takes 3-4 minutes to load and run and android application. The plugin could launch the application within 3 seconds. The downside was that it cannot be used for debugging purpose and native C++ codes cannot be run.

  • Contributed to Meteor DDP Library
    This contribution made social accounts login possible in the Meteor DDP android and iOS library.
** Credits: I would like to remember what few key people said to me while I worked with them at Snapwiz:
  • Samba Potla, (Co Founder / VP Engineering, Snapwiz)
    "You are not defined by what you do 9 to 5. You are defined by what you do 5 to 9. Keep learning."
    We went on a collegue wedding and while we were chilling out at a beach one night, Samba said these words to all of us. This has brought a huge change to my approach towards various things. I thank you for all the guidance across different aspects of life.

  • Sriram Cherukuri, (Co Founder / VP Engineering, Snapwiz)
    He used to work out of USA office and I used to work from India. One night, we were working together and he was giving me many insights on how to approach a problem. I asked him, "Sriram, don't you feel bore or repeating? You must be training like this to many more?". Sriram replied,
    "CP, This is an investment. You should not worry about all these."
    I thank you Sriram, for making me go through many such sessions, giving me opportunities for many projects and trusting me while I worked with you.


yes, it happened once

and I am open to get hired there for part time

** AI Gaming's core platform was based out of AWS Cloud. They have been using EC2, Lambda (mostly in Python), DynamoDB and S3. At the time when I started working for Paul from AI Gaming, the idea was to make the most of the backend serverless. And so, for each of the possible RestAPIs, an equivalent Lambda function was created. This freelancing period included below mentioned works:
  • Understanding the business of AI Gaming
  • Transforming their business into logical function mappings
  • Creating AWS Lambda functions
  • Support for executing any source code inside the Lamda using standard inputs
  • Using S3 for dumping many end user's work (for ex: their source code)
  • Integrating DynamoDB for NoSQL based data storage
  • Writing scripts for quick deployment by them
  • Helping them work the same with the ECS equivalent
  • Automated testing and proper knowledge transfer to their internal team members
Paul and Stephen from AI Gaming have been a great help in not just the work, but also explaining the core of their business models. We have been in touch since then and have become friends. :)



  • You might be thinking why I have put a double star (**) while grouping different works?
    Well, the answer is, "just for fun".

  • I have Zero experience in front end development. So, if you have found any UI issue with this website, please contribute to this repository. Thank You.
Guest Lecture Lovely Professional University
Details coming soon.


since april'18

Deep Learning Specialization, through Coursera.
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization
  • Structuring Machine Learning Projects
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Sequence Models
Specialization Certificates.

lovely professional university

associated since 2011

Bachelor in Technology Hons.,
Computer Science & Engineering

GPA: 8.08 / 10
Year: 2011 / 2015

** Credits: Can't skip to remember few key learnings from my professors at LPU:
  • Amandeep Nagpal, (Additional Dean, Lovely Professional University)
    It is an amazing experience being his student. We have shared some incredible time together in college and discussed range of innovative ideas and problems. He has always helped me out with deep insights, thoughtful processes and execution model. During practical labs, we would discuss the different possible ways to solve a problem and understand how one approach could be better over others. This has brought in a huge confidence in me and made me realise that there is no end and no limits. Whenever I used to meet him for my independent project work, I would always come out of his office with much more energy and enthusiasm and clarity on my work. During the capstone which I was working under his guidance, his keen observation and systematic planning has helped me execute the project with utmost efficiency.

    Apart from academics, he keeps inspiring people around him. The kind of dedication he puts in and the hard work he does is incredible in just about every aspect. He carries a huge positive and energetic aura with him. He keeps putting himself in non comfort zones to understand the points and facts from other shoes better. A recent example for such incident is him taking a sabbatical leave for over 6 months and preparing for new technologies and modern changes in the computer science which he can bring to his school.

    He has also taught the importance of my life, how to live it and enjoy the most of it. He once said,
    "We get 24 hours a day to learn something new."
    This sentence is huge in itself and has changed my life. Apart from being a mentor, he has been a great friend to me. And it is always a pleasure to spend time with him.

  • Ravi Kant Sahu, (Professor, Lovely Professional University)
    Ravi Sir has been an amazing professor, a great friend and a very humble human being. When you are pursuing CS from LPU, talk about Algorithms and Java, you talk about Ravi Sir. :)

    From making me learn various programming paradigms, getting to know various industrial problem statements, approching those design problems and making many researches accessible directly to me, he has helped me in a lot of ways. I thank you for all the hard work and sincerity you bring in to shape and guide us.