Hi, I’m CP.

avid reader, marvel fan
accompanist, keyboardist, singer
shuttler, pingponger, swimmer, cyclist, bike-rider

I do research on AI & Deep Learning.

Though, I love to express in C++ and Python,
I know English & Hindi fairly well.

If you decode my genes, you will find:
Signal & Image Processing + Neuro Science.

And I do pretty much nothing.

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Projects / AI

Currently working on waves to understand them properly.

Summal Again

Trained deep learning models to make it learn about summary generation and sentiment analysis. The project was able to give summary from the news feed and paraphrase them along with sentiment analysis.

in Image

Worked on image searching using various ways:
1. Using SURF and FLANN for features mapping and matching.
2. Using HOG and SVM to compare multiple images.
3. Training a deep model to represent a face with a 256 dimensional vector and multiple similarity functions to compare them.

Unsupervised Clustering

A small initiative on k-means clustering to pipeline incoming traffics of images to multiple buckets automatically and annonate them.

Publications / Research Papers

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Talks & Guest Lectures

Industry standards on modern app development

LPU, India - Sep 2016

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Open Source Contributions

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Popular on Git

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Algorithm Engineer, since Feb 2018



Software Engineer, Nov, 2015 to Feb 2018


Lovely Professional University

Computer Science Engineering, 2011 to 2015


Deep Learning Specializations

Awarded by deeplearning.ai on Coursera on Apr 2018.